Ring and Kevo now work together to make unlocking your door a little easier

ring and kevo work together as part of plus door bell

If you’ve been thinking about your smart door bell and what happens when you ring it, you may have realized a little something is missing, especially if you’ve been using Ring. You can see who’s at your door — and talk to them — which is great functionality, but you can’t let them in, unless you have a smart lock.

Ring has worked with brands like Kisi and Lockitron for a while, and you still have to launch the smart door lock’s app to let someone in. It’s a clunkiness smart lock maker August has circumvented by creating its own video door bell. Westinghouse included a door bell function and camera on its own version of a smart lock. Instead of jumping into the smart lock game, Ring is working with partners like Kwickset Kevo as part of its Ring Plus program, which aims to connect more smart-home gadgets to the doorbell.

The two now work together from the Ring app (iOS now, Android, and Windows 10 coming soon). If you’re home and someone pushes the bell, you fire up the app and see who’s there. If it’s someone you know and like, you can launch the Kevo app from the video event and unlock the door. If it’s someone who shall not pass, pretend you’re not home, unless they can see you through the window.

In order to unlock your door when you’re away from home, you’ll need to upgrade to Kevo Plus for $70. That one-time fee is on top of the $199 lock itself; Ring also costs $199. LockState, Kisi, and Wink are also partners. While the lock makers have the same functionality as the Kevo, but Wink also lets you add functionality like turning on lights when your door bell rings. It’s probably only a matter of time before some enterprising Pavlov enthusiast triggers the automatic pet feeder to start up when the bell chimes.