Room in a Box lets you pack up your apartment in 30 minutes

room in a box has all the furniture for yoga
For college students, relocation is just another part of life — a frequent one. In addition to finding a new apartment, it takes time to pack, move, and unpack all over again. The worst part is conning your friends into helping with the promise of free pizza. An Indiegogo project from Our Paper Life wants to help out college kids by making moving a little easier.

Room in a Box is exactly what it sounds like: all of the assets you need to create a room, conveniently packed into one neat box. It includes one chair, one dresser, one trash bin, one bed (without a mattress), and of course, an easy-to-transport box. Its creators call it the “30-minute move,” because you can complete the entire daunting process in just half an hour.

Additionally, it doesn’t require any unusual tools or glue to put together. By hand, you can assemble all of the furniture on your own, and you can shift it around to give it a personal touch. The items are made of 75-percent-recyclable materials, and sort of look like colorful cardboard. The chair doesn’t look super comfortable, so you may need to supplement with a cushion or two.

Once it’s time to move again, Room in a Box can be easily disassembled and packed back into its tidy box. This will allow you to set up shop in your new place and enjoy the furniture all over again.

If you’re concerned about durability, the Room in a Box creators say their prototypes of a desk are still holding strong after three years. In other words, don’t worry about it just yet. If you ever get bored with your furniture, you can easily draw or paint on its surface to give it a fresh look.

As of May 2015, Room in a Box has a fixed funding goal of $185,000 on its Indiegogo campaign page. If you pledge $149, you can take advantage of the early bird deal and get your own Room in a Box shipped to you by August 2015. Of course, this is just in time for back to school season.

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