RumbaTime Vandam Go wristwatch is a trendy timepiece and credit card

New York-based watch design studio Rumbatime has created a new timepiece that incorporates elements of a wristwatch, a credit card, and emergency response profile. Dubbed the Vandam Go, the stylish watch features a familiar looking digital watch inferface that includes the time, date, light, alarm, and stopwatch functions.

The strap of the watch is comprised of silicone and is water resistant, which is good because it also houses a contactless credit card payment chip and medical response VITAnumber. We’re all about style and function, so it’s nice having a timepiece that does more than just inform us about how we late we are.

In fact, one of the things we like most about the Vandam Go, besides its simple and stylish design, is its ability to streamline the check-out process whenever we purchase anything in-person. Once you activate the watch, the contact payment chip that fits inside the band can be inserted opposite the digital face. All one has to do then is activate it and simply wave the watch at a digital receiver at the point of sale, it’s that easy. No fumbling with your purse or wallet is required.

And for some added piece of mind, if any emergency were to befall the wearer of the Vandam Go, the bands personalized VITAnumber is printed below the contactless payment chip. By dialing the toll-free number next to the VITAnumber, emergency medical personnel are able to access not only the health conditions of the wearer, but emergency contacts as well. We can’t help but think this would be great for kids who don’t generally carry official forms of identification — and for $35, that seems like a steal.