New Moneual handheld cleaner uses ultraviolet to zap fabric with freshness

rydis uv c u60 vacuum cleaner moneual

Pillows, carpets, and couches are just some of the things we wish could be cleaned by tossing them in a washing machine. Alas, they all seem to require different tools for making them sterile and sanitary. The new Moneual Rydis UV-C U60 vacuum cleaner might not be a magical clean-all machine, but it wants to help you sanitize most fabric surfaces even if its name suggests a singular purpose.

Launched today, the Rydis U60 is a handheld device that looks like a mini vacuum and iron hybrid, but actually uses a type of ultraviolet ray to sterilize fabric around your house. With its built-in lamp and cleaning pad, all the user has to do is run the machine over carpets, pillows, mattresses, upholstered chairs, blankets, even laundry to help make the material fresh and new again. With a 600W motor suctioning tube, the U60 can also suck up dust and mites so clothes and seating won’t make your skin allergies act up.

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The U60 works in three different modes: One uses vacuum, vibration, and UV cleaning to shake the dirt off the surfaces, the second is vacuum and UV cleaning combo, and the last is just UV sanitizing for smaller clean ups. Users can select their desired cleaning mode from the LED screen, and when the machine realized that it is lifted and off a surface, it will also automatically turn the UV lamp off for safety purposes. When the cleaning session is done, just lift the bucket in the middle off and empty the bin.

Moneual currently offers the Rydis UV-C cleaner in two models: the original U60 and U60 Pro. The pro version leaves behind a lavender scent so you don’t have to go over and spray the fabric surfaces with Febreeze or similar products. It’s a portable, neat solution to cleaning most areas of the home without buying or renting a carpet cleaner which can only do just that. The only downfall of the U60? It’s corded. That might not be a problem for small apartments, but full-sized homes might find that little endeavor somewhat inconvenient.

The Rydis U60 and U60 Pro are available today for $150 and $200 respectively.