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Samsung Bespoke refrigerators have massive discounts today

The Samsung Bespoke Smart Fridge next to white and blue cabinets.

If you’ve been shopping around for a new refrigerator, you’ll know that finding a good sale on these types of appliances can be rather difficult. Fortunately, our eyes are always peeled for markdowns, Samsung deals are always solid, and we just so happened to have found one. Right now, you can save $800 on a brand-new Samsung Bespoke 28 cu. ft. Side-by-Side Refrigerator (RS23CB7600). Mind you, this model usually sells for $2,300. It’s all part of Samsung’s Early Access 4th of July Deals, which we’ve linked to below.

Why you should buy the Samsung Bespoke refrigerator

Refrigerator deals are sometimes bound to rebates and other post-purchase perks, so we appreciate that Samsung is offering all the savings upfront. Something we love about the entire Bespoke lineup is Samsung’s commitment to cosmetics. You’ll have the choice of Stainless Steel or White Glass finishes, which are two of the easiest hues to match your home decor with. 

The RS23 opts for a soft minimalist aesthetic. That means no obtrusive door handles and other hardware to gawk at. And when it comes time to open up the food trove, Samsung’s Auto Open Door sensor reacts to your hand being placed in front of it. After a moment, the door will slowly open about an inch.

While refrigerators have produced drinkable water for decades now, the Bespoke gives you two waterway options: an internal dispenser or a built-in pitcher with automatic refills. You’ll also have access to Samsung’s Dual Ice Maker, which produces solid cubes and Ice Bites. Storage wise, you’ll have plenty of internal space for all your food groups, and Samsung’s All-Around cooling tech ensures that all items receive the proper amount of chill.

As you can guess, the Bespoke fridge is outfitted with smart home features too. With the SmartThings App (and a Wi-Fi connection to the Bespoke fridge), you’ll be able to monitor this Samsung fridge’s temperature and cooling settings. You’ll even get alerts when a filter needs changing, or if a door is left open.

The Samsung Bespoke 28 cu. ft. Side-by-Side Refrigerator is marked down to $1,500 as we speak. If you’ve been waiting to upgrade this core appliance, or plan on replacing all your kitchen tech (if so, check out our list of the best appliance package deals), this is a discount you don’t want to miss!

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The Samsung Bespoke Smart Fridge next to white and blue cabinets.

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