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Still using a fax machine? Use Biscom and Samsung's secure fax app

samsung biscom fax app tablet

As antiquated as the fax machine may seem, sending information in a secure, efficient manner certainly hasn’t gone out of style. And for some industries (including health, real estate, and even education), sending a fax is a necessary component of day-to-day operations. Indeed, whether you’re applying to college, buying a new home, or hoping to get an organ transplant, there will be a fax machine involved at some stage of the process (whether you’re aware of it or not), and now, Samsung and Biscom have launched the first-ever secure fax app for multifunction printers (MFPs), finally bringing this old technology into the 21st century.

The issue with many of today’s MFPs lies in their lack of security — when considering the sensitive nature of many of the documents being sent through these machines (and regulations mandated by organizations like HIPAA, COPPA, SOX, and other agencies), it’s crucial that their connections are protected and safe. With the new fax app, Samsung and Biscom believe they’ve solved this problem. The app is the first certified third-party app approved to run on the Samsung platform, and turns any MFP into a secure fax machine.

“Working with Biscom, we can now offer enterprise-level fax capabilities to all our MFP customers,” said David SW Song, senior vice president of printing solutions business at Samsung Electronics. “For many industries, the information through fax is important and must be sent securely. We are bringing them the peace of mind that comes with a best-in-class solution for delivering mission critical fax.”

With the fax app, MFP users will no longer need to depend on fax phone lines or fax boards. Instead, simply install the app and use it with on premise fax servers, a cloud-based fax service, or any combination thereof.

“Samsung offers a very intelligent approach to MFPs that allows for quick innovation,” said Charles Magliato, VP of channel development for Biscom. “We believe that Biscom’s enterprise fax technology together with Samsung’s advanced UX platform will give their customers the most secure fax solution available, now with increased simplicity, convenience, and visibility.”

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