Before you feel the burn, fake LED flames let you see it on Samsung’s newest range

samsung chef collection slide in range virtual flame induction cooktop ne58h9970ws oven

Induction stoves certainly have their benefits. They’re more efficient than gas or electric, they distribute heat more evenly, and they’re also safer. But they do have one big drawback: it’s hard to tell when the burner is on — let alone know how hot its cooking at. Gas and electric stoves might be less efficient, but at least their glowing flames and heating coils provide a nice visual cue that gives your brain a relative sense of temperature.

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NE58H9970WSThis lack of visual information can sometimes make cooking via induction tricky, but Samsung has devised a way to remedy the problem with it’s new Chef Collection Slide-In Range. To give you a sense of how hot the burner is, the cooktop uses an embedded array of blue LED lights to project fake flames onto the side of the pan. These LEDs are linked to the heat settings on the stove, and will glow brighter when you’re cooking at a higher heat.

These faux-flames aren’t the only nifty feature on this range either. The high-tech cooktop sits on top of a 5.8 cubic foot “Flex Duo” oven, which includes a removable divider that can split the oven into two separate chambers — both of which are capable of cooking independently of the other. In other words, you can cook two things in the oven simultaneously, but at two completely different temperatures.

But all these nifty features don’t come cheap.  The Chef Collection Slide-In Range is available now in both the U.S. and Europe, and retails for about $3,700.