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Samsung gets into the lighting game, announces new line of smart bulbs

samsung gets lighting game announces new line smart bulbs light bulb 2

Hot on the heels of a similar announcement from LG a few days ago, Samsung has just unveiled a new line of smart LED light bulbs that will launch next week at the Light + Building 2013 trade show in Frankfurt, Germany. The range of bulbs will include options for both consumers and businesses alike, and will come with wireless connectivity built in.

Much like other bulbs, Samsung’s Smart Bulb is designed to fit into traditional light sockets, and will be controllable via a companion app for smartphones and tablets. In addition to brightness controls, the color temperature of the bulbs will also be adjustable, with output ranging from 2700K to 6500K for warm or cool white colors. In terms of lifespan, Samsung says the bulbs should last around 15,000 hours, which equates to roughly ten years.

For the most part, these bulbs aren’t all that different from other smart lights on the market. However, unlike bulbs from competitors including Philips and LG, Samsung’s smart lights will not support Wi-Fi. Instead, they’ll be Bluetooth-only. By using Bluetooth exclusively, Samsung says there’s no need for users to install a hub or access point, which simplifies the setup process, yet still allows users to control up to 64 bulbs at a time. Samsung also mentioned it will release a Smart Bulb model with a ZigBee radio built in, which would make it possible for the bulbs to be integrated into more advanced home automation setups. 

Truth be told, Samsung breaking into the smart bulb business isn’t all that surprising. Despite the fact that other companies have been making network-connected bulbs for quite some time now, the smart lighting space is still relatively uncrowded, and Samsung has both the manufacturing capabilities and marketing clout to become a big player in it.

There’s word on how much the bulbs will cost or when they’ll be available to consumers, but we’ll keep you updated as soon as that information surfaces. You can find out more here.

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