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Samsung’s FlexWash and FlexDry puts two laundry machines in one

samsung introduces flexwash and flexdry at ces 2017 resized wd9900 004 r perspective pair
Two washing machines in one is something we saw from LG at a previous CES and from Haier at IFA. But two dryers? That’s new, and Samsung is debuting such a model at CES 2017 — along with its own version of two washers in a single machine.

The FlexWash and FlexDry are a front-load laundry pair that let you do two separate loads of washing or drying at the same time. Granted, they aren’t equal-size loads, and the FlexDry doesn’t have all the capabilities of a full-size unit in its smaller compartment. But still, it’s double the fun — or maybe double the chore.

Whether it’s the Haier Duo or the LG Twin Wash, none of these two-in-one machines have equal capacity. And while LG put its second, mini washer in a pedestal below, Samsung added the 1.0-cubic-foot compartment to the top. It only requires a single water line for hookup, but each drum can be operated independently or together with different cycles. The larger drum is 4.5 or 5.0 cubic feet, depending on the model, putting it on par with larger-capacity washers.

The FlexDry’s main compartment is 7.5 cubic feet for regular drying. Up top is a separate rack, which lets warm air circulate to the clothes you have drying there. It’s meant to be an energy-efficient way to dry — in about an hour — more delicate garments you don’t want tumbling around in the drum. Both the FlexWash and FlexDry have Wi-Fi connectivity to help with troubleshooting and to let users download new cycles.

In addition to its new laundry machines, Samsung also announced a slimmer, lower-profile version of its Powerbot robotic vacuum. While not quite as powerful as its earlier model, at 3.8 inches tall, it should be able to clear some of the obstructions the VR9000 has issues with. The new model also adds a special nozzle that kicks on at corners to get a better clean in tight areas.

Coming in March 2017, Samsung’s new FlexDuo oven will have a CombiSteam feature. The single oven will be about $2,199; it will cost roughly $1,000 more for the double. Steam ovens keep in moisture better, resulting in tastier meat and crispy-on-the-outside-chewy-on-the-inside bread. The Samsung model will have two cooking compartments like its other FlexDuo ovens, When you want to turn it into a steam machine, you fill the reservoir with water, and convection fans help move the vapor around the compartment. While still a pricey oven, the single version is about $1,000 cheaper than you usually see steam ovens going for.

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