SecureTips ensure your Apple earbuds stay in place

securetips ensure your apple earbuds stay in place

What made the Apple iPod so popular, among most portable gadgets, is the ability to listen to music on the go no matter what you’re doing or where you’re going. Unfortunately, this flexibility is thwarted when earbuds constantly fall out of your ears. You could spend more money to buy new headphones that fit you more securely, or work with the ones you already have. That’s the design idea behind SecureTips, a Kickstarter project by two university students, that aim to solve a simple problem in the most cost-effective manner.

Instead of purchasing new headsets that fit you better, SecureTips are silicone wing tips that attach right onto your Apple headphones. The rubber follows the hollows of your ear to keep the buds in place. 

“We came up with the idea for SecureTips after years of complaining about Apple Earphones,” Adam Orshan, one of SecureTips’ lead designer, told us. “Though the sound quality isn’t the best, Apple Earphones have a great microphone and remote, and are perfect for exercise and other situations when higher-quality, more expensive headphones may not be ideal.”

Drawing inspiration from custom tip earbuds that help headphones stay in place, Orshan and his project partner Zach Herbert came up with SecureTips so anyone can adapt from their existing gear. Not only will the tips keep the earbuds where it should be, the gap closure provided by the shape of the tips also allow the sound of music to stay inside your ears. This means more quality sound for a small price to upgrade your current headphones. Herbert and Orshan aim to manufacture the buds locally here in the states and create varying sizes to fit ears of all shapes.

At the moment, the Kickstarter has quite a bit of a journey to go with just $8,900 of the $50,000 goal funded and 13 days left. To own a pair of SecureTips, you’ll have to contribute at least $20. You’ll also be able to to pick from five color options: black, red, white, blue, and Kickstarter Green that’s exclusive to project funders.

Though Kickstarter can be notorious for huge hit or misses on the projects it features, Orshan is confident in his decision to promote SecureTips via the crowdfunding site. “Rather than having to lay out upwards of $20,000 in up front manufacturing costs, and then trying to find customers, Kickstarter allows us to raise both capital and customers at the same time,” he said. “If we hit our $50,000 funding goal, we will have enough money to manufacture SecureTips in the highest possible quality, create well-designed packaging, ship them out quickly, and set up an online storefront. We want to give our customers the highest possible experience, while minimizing any risk on their part for backing a new product.”

Watch the video below to see how SecureTips work in all random aspects of life: exercise, extreme head-banging sessions, or just bending over to pick dropped items off the street.

UPDATE: SecureTips did not make the Kickstarter goal, but is attempting a second life at Quirky. You can find their project here!

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