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Control the Sense with Voice sleep device with, what else, your voice

Meet Sense with Voice
Getting a better night’s sleep now starts and ends with your voice. The newest product to emerge from consumer electronics company Hello is the Sense with Voice, a new iteration of the company’s previous sleep device that we first reviewed back in July. But now, Sense is back and promises to be better than ever as the “first voice controlled sleep and health system on the market.”

Heralded as “the natural evolution of sleep-improving technology,” this distinctive orb-like device promises to help users better understand their sleep patterns and remove distractions that may hinder getting the rest they need. “We created Sense with Voice to help you better understand and improve your sleep in the most effortless way,” said James Proud, CEO of Hello. “All you need to say is “Okay Sense” and you can control, maintain, and understand your entire sleeping environment, all without touching your phone.”

That means no more getting up when you’re already half asleep to fiddle with electronics, or having to look at a bright blue screen when you’re trying to get some shuteye. Moreover, the new Sense works with a number of smart home products, beginning with Nest and Phillips Hue, so you can “set your ideal room temperature for when you awake and be gently awoken by your lighting, letting you wake up to your perfect morning every time.”

And finally, Sense has upgraded all its sensors, so you can not only monitor factors like light, humidity, temperature, air quality, and noise, but also UV light, carbon dioxide (CO2), volatile organic compounds (VOCs), light temperature, and barometric pressure, which can provide further insights into how your room affects your quality of sleep. And of course, the Sleep Pill itself has undergone a redesign, and promises to be “completely indestructible” with a battery life of over two years.

So if you’ve been looking for a better way to get some rest, the new Sense may just be the device for you.

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