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SilverBorn uses silver and corn fibers to keep your sheets clean and comfy

Silver just may be the new gold — if we’re defining value by way of cleanliness. What with the metal’s antimicrobial properties, it’s no wonder that towels, sheets, and other linens are now being infused with silver. The latest such product is SilverBorn, heralded as “the ultimate bedding for comfort and freshness.”

Given that we spend approximately a third of our lives in bed, we hope that those beds are as clean as possible. Alas, this isn’t always the case. Bacteria and fungi from our skin can quickly invade our sheets and pillows, making for a less-than-dreamy environment upon which to rest our sleepy heads. Here to fix that, however, is SilverBorn. Not only do these sheets have silver infusions but even more uniquely, they are made of corn fibers.

Corn fiber fabric is said to produce 80 percent less greenhouse gas during the manufacturing process than cotton, soy fiber, or bamboo. Moreover, corn fiber is said to resist shrinkage, take less time to dry, and consequently, further prevent dampness and mold growth. Promising a soft, breathable experience, these corn fiber sheets are said to be more durable, hypoallergenic, and eco-friendly than those made from traditional materials.

The silver in the SilverBorn sheets come from silver microbeads that are said to naturally disinfect, repel bacteria, and deodorize. As it stands, the most common application of silver microbeads is actually in sportswear, where the material is said to minimize the stench that naturally accompanies your most intense workouts. Thanks to its bacteria-fighting properties, silver microbead-infused fabrics are said to be naturally cleaning, reducing the amount that you have to run the washing machine.

Not only does SilverBorn offer sheet sets, but it also offers pillows. As you might expect, these little cloud puffs are filled with corn fiber as well, making them hypoallergenic, washable, quick to dry, and resistant to odor buildup. Naturally, the silver-infused exterior fabric of the pillow promises to prevent the spread of bacteria.

You can pre-order a set of sheets from the SilverBorn Kickstarter campaign beginning at $100 (for the twin size), or a queen-sized pillow for $55. Delivery is expected in February.

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