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Google Assistant will now help SimpliSafe keep homes secure

Having already launched integrations with Amazon Alexa, August Smart Locks, and Apple Watches in the second quarter of 2018, SimpliSafe is ticking all the boxes by adding Google Assistant to its growing line of smart home integrations.

As with Alexa, Google Assistant now lets you ask devices including the Google Home and Home Mini to arm your SimpliSafe security system in either Home or Away mode, and verify the status of your system using a variety of simple voice commands. With this integration, SimpliSafe customers can also use Google Assistant Routines to perform several tasks at one time, including arming their SimpliSafe security system.

Understood phrases include inquiries like “Hey Google, am I protected?” or commands like “Hey Google, turn on the security system.” Popular chains of commands include routines that use a single word like “Goodnight” to lock doors and windows, as well as turn out the lights.

“SimpliSafe is on a mission to make every home secure,” said founder and CEO Chad Laurans. “This integration with the Google Assistant gives our customers even more options for easy and intuitive system arming.”

If you’re rushing out the door to start your day, you can just say, “Hey Google, set the security system to away,” and it will activate every sensor.

Integrating both leading voice assistants with SimpliSafe’s recently redesigned home security system gives the company inroads into a high percentage of the smart speaker market.

“For us, ease of use is a security feature. We aim to make our security systems a delight to use, and being able to arm it with a voice command is just another way that SimpliSafe makes being safe, simple,” said Laurans.

Like SimpliSafe’s Alexa skill, the Google Assistant integration is only compatible with the all-new SimpliSafe security system and requires an active interactive monitoring plan.

Updated in September of 2018 to add Google Assistant integration to SimpliSafe’s growing line of product and platform integrations.

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