Finally, drinking in the shower has gotten easier with this glass holder

sipcaddy is a beer and wine holder for the shower drink

If you, like Andrew WK, like to party, then you may have found it hard to fit in both your drinking and your showering. Sure, you can put your shower beer on the edge of the tub, but that’s a party foul waiting to happen. But maybe some Saturday you just want a quiet night in with a bubble bath, a glass of wine, and a copy of Fifty Shades of Gray. That’s your prerogative. But again, you don’t want your stemware sliding into the tub with you. Two brothers have solved both these problems with their SipCaddy.

SipCaddy Shower Drink Holder BeerThe portable cup holder suction cups to smooth surfaces, including the tile in your bathroom, and holds nearly any shape glass, from Solo cups to tallboys to wine glasses, up to 24 ounces. The plastic expands, so it fits a wide array of beverages. You could probably even use it to hold some shampoo bottles, if you wanted to go crazy. The designers went through a variety of 3D-printed prototypes before perfecting the current iteration, which costs $13.95.

While the SipCaddy team says the product is sturdy and stays stuck, they don’t recommend you take glass bottles into the shower or bath with you. The device does sometimes unstick, and broken glass plus bare feet (or worse, if you’re bathing) does not make for a successful drinking/showering experience.

It’s nice that they’re so concerned with safety, but drinking and bathing sort of sounds like a dangerous combo in the first place. Drinking and cooking, on the other hand: What could go wrong there? These would be quite handy affixed to the kitchen wall, so the, er, cooking wine doesn’t take up counter space.