Tap this glass with your phone to relive your favorite photos

What if the glass you’re using to enjoy a delicious beverage could show off photos and videos you take with your smartphone? The future is here, thanks to SipSup, the glass that pairs deliciously with your happy memories.

Aside from its SipSup decal, the product itself looks like an ordinary glass cup but has the ability to preserve your digital media. The Android edition of the SipSup has a specialized NFC chip, while the iOS version has a visual ID. The chip is embedded within the SipSup logo on the front of the glass. All you need to do is “drop” your smartphone toward SipSup to upload media into its database.

Your videos and photos are stored within the SipSup app. Here, you can favorite photos and videos in personal or shared folders. The app also has a featured called Post-It, which allows other users to leave private messages for you on your photos. To view your media, you can tap your smartphone on SipSup. The app will then pull up a random video or photo so you can relive your memories all over again. So, yes, you’ll need your phone to unlock the photos. It can also function the high-tech version of wine charms, letting you know whose glass you’re about to sip from.

SipSup can hold both cold and warm beverages, ranging from coffee to mojitos. It’s slightly contoured to comfortably fit the shape of your hand, and it can be washed up to 3,000 times in the dishwasher (in water up to 302 degrees Fahrenheit). The creators of SipSup have worked with Slovenian glassworks, Steklarna Hrastnik, to ensure that it’s made free of heavy metals and highly scratch resistant.

The creators seem to want SipSup to function like Timehop: The next time you’re at a party with your friends, you can go around, tapping glasses to see photos of previous bashes.

To get your hands on a SipSup by November 2015, you can pledge $22 or more on the product’s Kickstarter campaign page. However, it may be worth investing $90, otherwise you’re just going to be pulling up solo selfies.