Six-foot, half-ton robot will protect your wine and terrify tipsy guests

Wine Rack Robot

As detailed within a Craigslist posting in Arizona, a lighting salesman in North Phoenix has created a massive robot wine rack that looks like it could have stepped out of a Michael Bay film. Weighing in at approximately 1,000 pounds, the robot statue was built with used transmission parts from various motorcycles and automobiles. Prior to assembly, all the parts that went into building the massive metal contraption were coated in a solution that removes all corrosive chemicals and is designed to make the robot safe to display within a household. In addition, all parts were painted a “gun metal grey” color as well as receiving a protective clear coat after the paint was dry.

Wine Rack Robot full sizeIn addition, blue LED lights have been wired along sections of the robotic frame including the leg, torso and top of the right shoulder. The giant robot has been positioned in a standing pose and the right arm is pointed forward as if the robot was firing at something ahead. Within that Gatling gun design, the owner of the robot can house up to six bottles of wine.

An additional 26 bottles of wine can be placed around the robot frame including spots around the torso as well as on the two legs as if the wine bottles were extra ammunition. Priced to sell to a wine collector that also has an affinity for scary robots, the seller is asking $7,000 for the iron giant. However, the seller doesn’t indicate how the massive, heavy robot will be transported to a new location.

Far less terrifying and vastly less expensive, a member of Etsy developed a humorous wine rack a few years ago complete with adjustable arms and an attachable mustachio for an added element of sophistication. The small design is likely meant to be displayed on a counter and it holds up to four bottle of wine.

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