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Sleep Number wants to deliver you a smart, sensor-filled bed for $1,000

If your fitness tracker promises to keep tabs on your sleep, too, you may have noticed it’s not perfect. Many use accelerometers, and on a night you fell asleep at midnight and woke up at eight, you may find you only slept four hours, per your tracker. To get a little more accurate, some are looking to move sleep trackers off the body and onto the bed. Sleep Number has been doing this with its SleepIQ technology, but it said at CES 2016 that it now wants to get more interactive.

The company announced its enhanced SleepIQ API will be available as a software update to existing users in 2016. Syncing with other apps (though it hasn’t mentioned which), Sleep Number beds will try to get a broader view of your day and how it affects your night. Based on the gathered data and predictive analytics, the accompanying app can suggest you go to bed earlier when you have an 8:00 a.m. meeting or if bad weather or heavy traffic is predicted. Physical activity and nutrition also get factored in, in case those choices impact your sleep.

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Sleep Number also introduced its It Bed, which seems a bit like the company’s answer to online mattress sellers. For around $1,000 (the specific prices for the six different sizes aren’t available yet), Sleep Number will deliver the mattress to you, with a base and headboard available for an additional amount. Like other Sleep Numbers, it uses foam-filled chambers that you can adjust to your preferred firmness level. To gather the SleepIQ data, the mattress comes with biometric sensors to track your heart rate, breathing, and movement. The It will also work with the enhanced, updated app as well.

Exactly how the It Bed differs from Sleep Number’s queen-sized C2 bed, which comes out to $1,100 with the SleepIQ sensors added, isn’t really clear. That extra $300 worth of tech, though, definitely sets it apart from other mattress-in-a-box options.

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