Sleep Number unveils x12, the sensor-studded super mattress

sleep number unveils new line smart tracking mattresses x12

As the “quantified self” movement continues to gain traction amongst consumers, sleep tracking is rapidly becoming a hot trend in consumer electronics. Everyone wants a piece of the shuteye pie these days, so you can find sleep-tracking tech baked into a variety of different devices – fitness tracker wristbands, smartphone apps, and myriad other products announced at CES this week.

But Sleep Number isn’t satisfied with those methods. They way they see it, the sensors embedded into smartphones and fitness bands simply aren’t accurate enough to give you the kind of detailed metrics you need. So they decided to make something more accurate.

Unveiled earlier this week at CES, Sleep Number’s new x12 mattress is the most intelligent mattress that money can buy. And at $8,000 bucks, it damn well better be.

If you’re willing to drop a cool eight grand on a bed, you’ll get plenty of bells and whistles with this one. First and foremost, the x12 is equipped with Sleep Number’s new Sleep IQ system, which is capable of not only monitoring your sleep with astonishing accuracy, but also making adjustments to your bed to improve your quality of rest.

Sensors embedded inside of x12 beds can measure and log your respiration rate, heart rate, and how much you move throughout the night. This data is then beamed to your smartphone, tablet, or PC, where it’s displayed in a simple visual readout. The bed even gives you a score, and can offer suggestions on how you can get better rest the next time you sleep

In addition to detailed sleep tracking, the x12 is also fully adjustable like other SleepNumber mattresses, which means you can independently raise or lower each side. If your partner is snoring, you can just hit the Partner Snore button on the included wireless remote control, and the head section of your partner’s side of the bed will tilt six degrees upward – which is often just enough to get them to stop snoring.

But wait, there’s more! This badboy also comes outfitted with underglow lights that can be programmed to automatically turn on or off when you get in or out of bed. Still not convinced it’s worth eight grand? Just wait until you try the massage function.

It’s definitely a bit steep, but luxury like this never comes cheap. Find out more at