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Smart home giant iControl buys Blacksumac, maker of Piper home security system

smart home veteran icontrol acquires blacksumac maker diy security system piper

In a somewhat unsurprising move, home security veteran iControl Networks announced today that it has acquired Blacksumac Inc, maker of the all-in-one DIY home security system Piper. The acquisition will allow iControl to expand its range of connected home products, and break into the rising category of retrofittable, do-it-yourself smart home tech.

For those who might be unfamiliar, Piper is a connected device that’s equipped with a 180-degree HD security camera, an array of different environmental sensors, Wi-Fi and Z-wave radios. All this gear allows it to communicate with other devices on your home network. At just $239, it’s a cheap and effective security system for apartments and renters who have no real way to install a more traditional security setup.

“Piper’s unique product offering appeals to a large and mostly under-served consumer market segment,” said Bob Hagerty, CEO of iControl, adding that the company is “excited to expand into new, untapped markets that will bring us one step closer to our vision of a home management solution for every household, so people worldwide spend less time managing their lives and more time living them.” 

The acquisition is definitely a smart strategic play by iControl, but the move is also a pretty big achievement for Blacksumac — a two-year old Canadian start-up that launched Piper through an IndieGoGo campaign just over a year ago. As a company that had an angel investor but no venture funding, the acquisition is probably a good thing, and will allow them to keep up with venture-backed companies like Canary, who make similar products.

Russel Ure, CEO of Blacksumac (who will reportedly stay on as the head of the Piper division at iControl) shared his thoughts regarding the acquisition: 

“We are incredibly excited that Piper is joining forces with iControl, and look forward to bringing iControl’s ecosystem to the next level,” Ure said. “We designed Piper to serve the needs of users who typically would not have access to Home Awareness and automation, or those who are still learning about the technology and its benefits. With iControl’s proven infrastructure and industry-wide reputation, we believe Piper will grow to serve a global, emerging market.”

Time will tell if iControl’s purchase will prove to be a lucrative investment, but at this point, it definitely looks like it’s a win for both companies.

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