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Garden indoors when it's wintertime with these new smart gardens

Winter weather is no excuse for you to stop gardening. That is most certainly the case if you become the proud owner of OPCOMLink USA’s new product line, which includes two smart gardening systems that allow you to bring your green thumb indoors. Meet the OPCOM FarmGrowBox and GrowWall indoor gardening systems, both of which allow anyone and everyone to grow vegetables, herbs, sprouts, and fruits inside their homes, any time of year.

Thanks to the company’s soil-free, one-touch hydroponic growing technology with proprietary color LED lighting tuned for optimal plant growth, the FarmGrowBox and GrowWall promise 25 percent faster growth cycles and none of the typical challenges associated with gardening. Say goodbye to weeding, pests, and fickle weather — instead, you’ll be able to control your environment, and as a result, your crops as well.

And don’t worry — just because you’re growing plants inside doesn’t mean you’ll have to grow any fewer of them. The tabletop model, the GrowBox, promises to accommodate up to 50 plants at a time. GrowWall, on the other hand, is the vertical version, and will allow you to plant up to 75 crops. Both, however, claim to use 90 percent less water than your typical outdoor garden, and offer “an environmentally friendly, fun, and labor-free way to grow.”

The GrowBox and GrowWall can be yours for $499 and $599, respectively. The GrowBox is already available for purchase at and Amazon, whereas the GrowWall will ship later this month.

So explore your inner gardener, even — in fact especially — if you want to keep things inside. After all, being confined to small, indoor spaces shouldn’t mean that you have to give up fresh fruits and vegetables, right?

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