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Smart Lights

Philips Hue Iris table lamp blue

Philips Hue Iris Review: Accenting rooms with the colors of the rainbow

Accent lights can do wonders to a room, but the Philips Hue Iris taps into all the colors of the rainbow in complementing existing lighting.
View of a street in Tucson with the lights set to 30 and 90 percent illumination

Smart streetlights could help control the problem of light pollution

A new study has looked at how much street lighting contributes to the problem of light pollution, and how new smart city lighting could reduce it.
early philips hue color starter kit deal prime day 2020

Best Buy discounts Philips Hue Color Starter Kit in anti-Prime Day deal

Best Buy has started launching its own Prime Day deals ahead of the big event next week with the Philips Hue Color Starter Kit for just $140.
A smart light bulb glows red

I bought cheap smart light bulbs thinking they could be decent. I was wrong

I wanted to spend as little money as possible on a smart light bulb. It was a terrible experience. This serves as a cautionary tale. Don't make my mistake
philips hue updates old products adds gradient strip iris lifestyle living room

Philips Hue gradient strip can enhance your home theater experience

Philips Hue is updating its Iris table lamps, their candelabra bulbs, and adding a new gradient light strip to its product lineup.
lifx clean worlds first antibacterial smart light

The Lifx Clean smart light bulb can sanitize surfaces with just its light

The Lifx Clean is the world's first smart light to emit high-energy visible light capable of disinfecting surfaces and the air around it.
twinkly music visual equalizer holiday lighting

Twinkly Music is a visual equalizer for holiday lighting

Twinkly Music gives users the ability to create the ultimate Christmas light display. Sync your lights with music to be the talk of your neighborhood.
honda smart home inside us dp6v4710

Upgrade to a smart home for under $100 with these 3 essentials

If you don't have a smart home yet, now's the time because it doesn't cost a lot. We'll guide you on how to build an essential smart home for less than $100.
best buy shuts down insignia line smart home products store 2 768x768

Best Buy Anniversary Sale: The 5 Best Tech Deals

Here are some discounts on an Apple Watch, LG 4K TV, Philips LED lights, as well as Microsoft and HP laptops, right now at Best Buy's 3-day Anniversary sale.
google smart light starter kit deal dell spring sale 02

The different types of light bulbs, explained

What's the difference between LED and incandescent? Are fluorescent lights still a good pick? Our guide will explain all the details of different bulb choices.
LIFX Smart Bulb

The future of smart home lighting is big on sensors, slim on apps

The smart light bulb made it easier for us to control them, but they've been slow with innovations of late. The future does hold some promising possibilities.
smart lights can elevate your mood when working from home philips hue connected bulb starter pack 8

This Philips Hue White & Color Ambiance Starter Kit is $60 off for 4th of July

Whether you’re looking to redesign your lighting system, Phillips Hue White and Color Starter Kit is a great place to add lighting to your home for just $130.
Multiple colored hue lights on inside a living room

Hurry! These Philips Hue Starter Kits are dirt-cheap — but not for long

Brighten up your home with these great smart light bulb deals at Amazon and Best Buy this Memorial Day.
Ring Smart Lighting Solar Floodlight

Ring Smart Lighting Solar Floodlight review: Bright choice

This floodlight really has no equal. It's solar, smart, and fully adjustable to your needs. The Ring Smart Lighting Solar Floodlight is a winner.
Man working at a desk at home.

Smart lights can elevate your mood while working from home

The lighting in your home (and home office) has a huge impact on your mood. Brighten your spirits by scheduling your smart lights to warm and cool when needed.
google smart light starter kit deal dell spring sale

Google’s Smart Light Starter Kit is on sale for only $45 (while stock lasts)

Stuck at home? Here's an easy project to complete while you have the time. Dell dropped the price on the Google Smart Light Starter Kit.
Sengled smart bulb in dining room.

Philips Hue and Sengled smart lighting kits on sale starting at only $70

Personalize your home with a rainbow light show using Philips and Sengled smart bulb starter kits on Best Buy for as low as $70. Get yours and save up to $50.
philips hue white and color ambiance starter kit deal with lightswitch

Hackers may attack home networks through Philips Hue smart bulbs vulnerability

Check Point discovered a bug in Philips Hue smart bulbs that allows hackers to infiltrate networks. Owners of the device are recommended to update the firmware.
best smart home tech ces 2020 kohler touchless toilet

The best smart home tech of CES 2020: Lockly Vision, Lucy Vacuum, and more

From lighting to security devices to kitchen gadgets, CES 2020 had a ton of cool smart home tech. After looking at dozens of different products, the smart home team at Digital Trends voted on the best smart home tech at CES 2020. Here are our selections.
Luminook closet

Luminook is a smart light designed to better illuminate your closet

Yes, there's a ton of smart lighting options available, many of them on display at this year's CES. But a company called Luminook thinks there's room for one more, this one aimed at better illuminating one of the darkest spots in your home: Your closets.
ring indoor cam review top view

New FCC filing suggests that Ring is working on a smart light bulb

Yet another FCC filing from Ring suggests that the company is busily prepping a Wi-Fi enabled PAR38 floodlight bulb. Will this make its first appearance at CES 2020? It will join a host of other rumored products, including a third-generation Ring Video Doorbell and new Chime Pro.
Amazon Echo Glow

Amazon Echo Glow Review: A smart lamp for smart parents

Parenting just got a little easier, thanks to something you'd probably never suspect: a smart lamp. The Amazon Echo Glow can make getting kids out of bed or getting a less than attentive child's teeth brushed less of a struggle using dimmable colored lights and Alexa voice commands or the app.
Apple Fifth Avenue Store Apple Logo

Apple patent aims for more streamlined control of your home lighting

Apple filed a patent this month that indicates a new type of smart light sensor might be on the way that has the potential to implement a TrueTone-like system into smart home lighting. The patent describes two primary components: A light condition sensor and a light control device.
ikea tradfri smart lights just got edison style bulb

Ikea’s Tradfri smart light bulb launches with a price to die for

If you're a fan of exposed filaments and classic flair, the Edison-style bulb might appeal to you. These decorative bulbs have caught on recently, but Ikea just introduced one for cheap. At a fraction of the cost of comparable smart bulbs, Ikea stands poised to enter the decorative light market.
amazon echo show on bedside table

Alexa can now set sleep timers to simulate a sunrise using your smart lights

If you have Alexa-compatible smart lights and live in the U.S., you just got some new features that will be rolling out this week. You can set up wake-up lights or sleep timers and create new Alexa Routines to dim or brighten over a certain stretch of time, just like sunsets and sunrises.
kasa smart lights are ready to party or give your home a vintage classic glow 19 kl430 lifestyle 02 pr images  1

Kasa Smart Lights come ready to party or give your home a vintage, classic glow

Do LED lights leave you cold? TP-Link introduced three new Kasa Smart lights that can illuminate your home with individual vintage hue bulbs or add drama and excitement with infinite color multi-zone light strips.
nanoleaf releases screen mirror create 4d sensory experiences  1

Nanoleaf’s Screen Mirror creates 4D sensory experiences for all your media

Nanoleaf's Screen Mirror feature reflects what you see on your television or computer monitor on the light panels around you. This feature, along with a new desktop app, takes Netflix and chill to the next level. Screen Mirror is available now for any Nanoleaf customers.
customize the look of your christmas tree with twinkly smart lights pre lit trees

Customize the look of your Christmas tree with Twinkly smart lights

Recently, retailers like Home Depot unveiled a new take on pre-lit Christmas trees. While pre-lit trees aren't unusual, trees with Twinkly smart lights can be controlled using an app on your phone to change the lights' colors and flashing patterns to keep your holiday decor looking unique and fresh.
Philips Hue sync box.

The Philips Hue Play HDMI Sync Box brings immersive lighting to your living room

The Philips Hue Play HDMI Sync Box removes all the extra steps involved in creating an immersive lighting experience. Just place it between your media player and your TV, and enjoy the experience. Up to 10 Philips Hue lights and four HDMI devices can connect to the HDMI Sync Box.
right smart lighting impressions ring review 2

First Ring conquered your porch. Now it wants to light up your lawn

Ring Smart Lights don’t just light up your yard, they talk to your video cameras, your phone, and even Alexa. But do you really need a floodlight with brains and connectivity? We installed them all over to find out whether the convenience outweighs the nuisance.

Nanoleaf and Razer team up to bring RGB lighting from the keyboard to the wall

The smart lighting company Nanoleaf has partnered with gaming peripheral company Razer to revolutionize the way smart lights work with the gaming experience through the Nanoleaf x Razer Chroma RGB Integration. Gamers can control their PC and experience ambient lighting effects all from their keyboard.
Eve Extend

Eve Systems shows off four new smart home products at IFA 2019

At IFA 2019, Eve Systems announced four new smart home products for its fall and winter 2019/2020 lineup, including a Wi-Fi range extender, a smart light switch, a smart radiator valve, and a water sensor. The products will be available throughout the coming months.
new philips hue products fall 2019 filament kitchen lifestyle

Upcoming Philips Hue lights to add Bluetooth connectivity, filament bulb options

Philips Hue, now under the Signify banner, released a host of new and updated lights and smart home devices Thursday, adding Bluetooth connectivity for the first time. Also coming later this year are brand new filament bulbs and a new smart plug and smart button, the company says.
philips hue starter pack amazon deal 3 bulbs

Amazon cuts the Alexa-enabled Philips Hue Starter Pack to its lowest price ever

We love Philips Hue. While they're not cheap, some of us have first-generation bulbs — now some seven years old — and they are still working just as good as they did on day one. Now in their fourth generation, they're better than ever, and now cheaper than ever on Amazon.