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Smart Lights

The Lutron Decora in a dining room.

Leviton and partner to release new Z-wave lighting controls

Leviton and have joined forces to create new Leviton smart lighting controls that allow you to control your smart lights directly from compatible security panels. Four new dimmers, switches, and outlets make it possible to integrate your smart lights into existing security systems.
lifx uses polychrome technology to create unique lighting effects candle color

The Lifx Z TV strip can help light up your next movie-watching binge

Lifx is the second-largest manufacturer of smart lights in the world. The company is bringing two new lights to the market in October of this year that will further enhance its lineup. The Color Candle bulb and the Lifx Z TV strip use Polychrome Technology to create unique, interesting lighting effects.
nanoleaf canvas review mem 4

The Nanoleaf Canvas can now control your smart home through touch

The Nanoleaf Canvas improves its functionality thanks to HomeKit-based "Touch Actions" that let users turn any Canvas Square into a smart button. These buttons can be set to control devices throughout the home with a single press. This improved functionality is available starting today.
lametric sky smart lighting based chinese puzzles

The LaMetric Sky gives artistic meaning to smart lighting

The LaMetric Sky is based on ancient Chinese tangram puzzles and designed to fit together in a variety of ways with more than 16 million color combinations. The Sky takes the best parts of the LaMetric Time and improves on it. The lights are now available for pre-order.
dea synethetic marijuana safer than weed 12066587  plant

The LumiGrow BarLight is a smart grow light for pot cultivation

Intense lights have long been used to promote plant growth, but LumiGrow designed the BarLight to provide horticulturalists with more precise growth control for high yields of cannabis. The BarLight is designed for use in commercial environments, with two different light spectrums on a vertical mount.
control4 prototype tiny smart home 4  interior view

Ikea expands its Tradfri line with new smart bulbs and starter kits

Ikea has long been the go-to option for people that want high-quality, low-cost furnishings and lighting. The Swedish company has embraced that reputation with new additions to their Tradfri line of Home Smart products, including new bulbs and updated starter kits for first-time users.
Multiple colored hue lights on inside a living room

Are people losing interest in smart home technology?

Recent analysis of sales trends suggest that the smart home boom may be over and that consumers are beginning to lose interest in the market, but more factors are at play than just simple sales rank. The reasons people buy, and the number of products available to them, have a huge impact on the market.
top tech stories smart cities

Cities across America are switching to smart tech to improve residents’ lives

Syracuse and dozens of other cities plan to make traditional street lighting a thing of the past. Initiatives have begun to install "smart" streetlights throughout cities to improve the lives of residents. These "smart nodes" can collect data on weather, temperature, and even traffic conditions.
amazon drops pre prime day prices on ring smart lighting floodlights  floodlight battery black 2 1

Amazon drops Pre-Prime Day 2019 prices on Ring Smart Lighting Floodlights

Shoppers looking for bargains on smart home security lighting don't have to wait till July 15 when the 48-hour Prime Day 2019 begins. Among the currently available early bargains on Alexa-compatible smart home devices are both wired and wireless versions of Ring's Smart Lighting Floodlight Starter Kit.
amazon discounts ring alarm system with echo dot and philips hue alexa guard kit 5 piece

Amazon discounts the Alexa Guard Kit with Ring Alarm, Echo Dot, and Philips Hue

Amazon dropped the price on a smart home security device bundle that demonstrates the giant retailer's unique ability to mix its own products with a leading third-party brand. The Alexa Guard bundle is a functionally complete smart home package in a compelling pre-Prime Day 2019 deal.
home technology that will soon be obsolete light bulb thumb

This ridiculous GE video shows just how tough troubleshooting smart bulbs can be

A video instructing customers how to get through the 11-step process to factory reset a General Electric smart bulb shows just how ridiculous fixing some connected appliances can be. 
Google Nest Hub

Get a free Google Home Mini and smart bulb when you buy a Google Nest Hub

Walmart isn't shouting this deal from the rooftops, but if it did, Google Assistant smart home fans would break the internet to snap it up. When you buy a Google Home Hub, already on sale for $30 off, Walmart throws in a Google Smart Light Starter Kit including a Google Home Mini and a GE C-Life Smart Light Bulb.
Philips Hue smart lighting in a home.

Woot offers huge discounts on Philips Hue smart lighting for one day only

If there's a standard bearer for smart home lighting, it's Philips Hue. As one of the first manufacturers to offer LED light kits for smart homes, Philips Hue light bulbs, switches, hubs, and starter kits command premium prices. That's why we jumped when we saw Woot's one-day sale on Philips Hue smart lights.
Wyze bulb being installed into a lamp.

Wyze’s next ultra-affordable smart device is an $8 light bulb

Budget smart home device manufacturer Wyze has done it again, announcing Tuesday that it has begun to take orders on an $8 smart light bulb. The bulb, now available for pre-order exclusively through the app in a limited access run, ships in June.

New to being a mom? Prices cut on baby monitors, sound machines for Mother’s Day

It's hard to know what to buy new moms for Mother's Day. Baby tech isn't a typical shower gift, but the added convenience, helping hand, or peace of mind from the right tech can be the best gift short of a full day at a spa. We've found the best baby tech gifts for new moms for this Mother's Day on Amazon and Walmart.
Multiple colored hue lights on inside a living room

Best Buy cuts the price of Philips Hue Smart Light Kit with 2 Google Home Minis

Best Buy cut the price of the Philips Hue White and Color Ambiance Multicolor LED Starter Kit and added a Google Home Mini 2-pack for no extra cost. This bundle saves $128 from the combined price of the smart light starter kit and the Google Minis. This is a great deal for anyone starting to set up a smart home.
philips hue BR30

Philips Hue smart bulbs get steep discounts at Best Buy

Philips Hue are some of the best smart bulbs on the market, but they are by no means the cheapest. That's why when we see a deal like Best Buy's on the Hue White and Color Ambiance BR30 bulbs, we recommend stocking up.

Philips Hue users can activate their favorite routines through Google Home

Philips Hue expanded its Google Home integration through the Gentle Sleep and Wake routine. Say, "Hey Google, sleep my lights" and your Philips Hue bulbs will dim over half an hour. Say "wake my lights" and they will brighten instead. This simulates a natural sunrise for a more natural wake-up.
Ring smart lights turned on outside home.

Amazon drops pre-order prices for Alexa-compatible Ring Smart Light starter kit

Amazon dropped the prices for Ring Smart Light Starter Kit bundles a week before the lights start shipping. Smart security cameras and lights turn on automatically and alert homeowners to visitors or intruders. You can pre-order Ring Smart Light Starter Kits today and save $30 when Ring releases the Smart Lights.
trump administration led light rules 16245319320 d8935521cd k

Trump administration might undo Obama-era LED light rules

The Bush administration made incandescent light bulbs a thing of the past, and the Obama administration attempted to extend it. But the Trump administration wants to roll back a Department of Energy rule that would require specialty light fixtures to move away from wasteful incandescent lightbulbs.
xfinity ncaa smart lights home blub integration

Cheer for your favorite NCAA team and Xfinity will respond with matching lights

Screaming at your favorite team just became a lot more rewarding thanks to Comcast's Xfinity voice remote and some special NCAA commands that set your smart lightbulbs to your favorite team's colors. The players may not hear you, but that doesn't mean you'll be ignored.
amazon echo dot sengled smart light  3rd generation sandstone with 2 bulb kit by 02

Amazon drops price of newest Echo Dot with Sengled two-bulb smart light kit

Amazon just dropped the price of a new third-generation Echo Dot bundled with the Element Classic by Sengled Starter Kit with two smart light bulbs and a Sengled controller. Connect the lights with Alexa via your smartphone to turn individual lights or whole rooms on and off using Alexa voice commands.
Philips Hue Outdoor Sensor

Philips Hue Outdoor Sensor review

The Philips Hue Outdoor Sensor allows you to add motion control to any Hue light, boosting safety and security with a welcoming ambience on your return home. Once you have it, you’ll wonder how you lived without it. We took it for a test run and came away impressed.
orro switch smart lightning help you sleep woodforward

Orro’s smart switch lighting adjusts to your rhythms to help you sleep better

Lighting control startup Orro today introduced the Orro Switch, which the company promises is "the world’s most advanced responsive and adaptive home lighting system." The end result, according to the company, is home lighting that supports the way you live and also helps you sleep better at night.
casper glow sleep light 3

Casper’s Glow smart light is designed to help you sleep more soundly

Casper, the Wave mattress innovator, introduced the Casper Glow, a smart light designed to help you establish healthy sleep patterns. According to Casper, the Glow's warm lighting impacts mood and our ability to relax. The Glow uses a rechargeable battery and can be used on the charger base or carried around the house.
Smart lightbulb illuminating a room.

Walmart slashes smart lighting prices for Google Home and Amazon Echo

Walmart cut smart lighting prices. Smart lighting is one of the first considerations when you set up a digital home controlled by Google Home or Amazon Echo. It's convenient and even fun to ask Alexa or Google Assistant to turn on one light or all the lights in your apartment or home with a simple voice command.
legrand smart lighting devices hia radiantsmart 3144

Legrand’s Smart Lighting touts security, interoperability, and simple setup

Near universal connectivity including Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and the Internet of Things is the theme of Legrand's Smart Lighting Radiant collection of switches, dimmers, outlets, and plugs. Legrand's Smart Lighting Radiant products can connect and manage a wide range of lights and small household appliances.
lifx adds touch controls other new features ces 2019 tile fire

Lifx lighting products get touch controls and other new features at CES 2019

Lifx has been around since 2012, but the company hasn't slowed when it comes to improving functionality At CES 2019, Lifx announced two brand-new features: Touch controls and a fire mode that simulates the soothing light of a log fire. Both features will be rolled out in upcoming firmware updates.
array by hampton locks security lighting ces 2019 connected lock cooper on door with brinks ppr handleset

Array by Hampton brought locks and security lighting to CES 2019

If you've ever gone looking for lights or locks for your house, you've probably run into the Hampton brand name. The company is at CES 2019 with a new line of smart home products. Called Array by Hampton, the lineup includes internet-connected locks, lights, and an app to control them.
philips hue outdoor range

Philips Hue wants to brighten up the night with expanded outdoor lighting range

Looking to add some light to your backyard? Philips Hue has a way for you to do it that is smart and connected. The company is at CES 2019 to show off two new floodlights that can light up any space and a motion sensor that can be used to turn on any of your Philips Hue lights -- inside or out.
ring brings door view cam smart lights ceo 2019 181218 oldham 0052 cropped

Ring answers the call with new video doorbell/peephole, sensors, and lights

At CES 2019, Ring has announced a door view camera that fits in the peephole of most doors, as well as a line of brand-new smart lighting products to further expand its smart home security offerings. All of these new products are now available for purchase or pre-order.
c by ge 2019 portfolio table lamp in a bedroom

C by GE is set to triple its smart home products at CES 2019

C by GE has always been heavily invested in its partnership with Google and its collaboration is coming to fruition with new "Made-for-Google" smart lights, switches, and other lighting products that enable users to control lighting by voice or app without running instructions through an external smart home hub.
Philips Hue White and Color Ambience Starter Kit Review

Amazon isn’t alone; Philips Hue has been experiencing holiday outages

There were tons of smart home devices given as gifts this holiday season, and there's nothing people wanted to do more than plug them in and start using them. Unfortunately, new owners of Philips Hue smart lights were hit by an outage that kept them from being able to enjoy their new connected lights.
senic nuimo click review feat

Senic Nuimo Click review

It can mount to any surface, and power itself: Senic’s Nuimo Click is the remote control your smart device should have come with. Well designed, it’s ideal for your smart home. But you’ll have to keep your expectations in check and your pocket wide open, as the Click’s features are limited.