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Keep your home and business safe with the Smart-Series security system from Swann

You may not always be at home to keep an eye on things, but the 21st century is giving you brand new powers of sight. Meet the new Smart-Series from Swann, the latest in DIY security monitoring that combines wired video surveillance with access to wireless smart home technology to protect your home, business, and loved ones from break-ins and unwanted visitors.

Included in the system are four weather-resistant, 1080p, HD wired cameras with 80-degree viewing angle and night vision that works up to 100 feet. That means you’ll be able not only to see clear video of not only general activity in and around your house, but also to detect faces, license plates, and other details.

And because the Smart-Series is smart-home compatible, you’ll be able to connect this system with other security devices located throughout your home, whether they’re sensors, alarms, or smart plugs. Also, the Smart-Series is compatible with over 100 brands (think Philips Hue Lighting, Samsung SmartThings, and Nest Thermostats), and so your home security will be a truly integrated experience.

Also included in Swann’s latest product offering are two window and door alarm sensors, which will notify you if movement is detected. Because you can set these sensors to trigger an Outdoor Siren with flashing lights, you may be able to stop break-ins before they even happen.

Of course, like all modern devices, the Smart-Series comes with a companion app that allows you to monitor everything from your smartphone, and control various elements of the system.

If completely automating your home security system doesn’t feel quite secure enough, you can also opt for Swann’s flexible, 24/7 professional monitoring, which happily does not require any lock-in contracts. Should there be an incident, this service will directly connect with emergency operators and notify a family member or friend, so you don’t always have to be on the clock.

Swann’s Smart-Series is currently available for $500 at Best Buy.

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