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SmartThings adds Windows Phone support to its home automation hub

smart things adds windows phone support home automation hub screen shot 2014 10 29 at 1 56 27 pm
After more than two years on the market, SmartThings – maker of one of the earliest and most widely used smart-home kits in the game – has recently rolled out a new Windows Phone app. This new app joins the company’s existing iOS and Android apps, and will presumably open up the SmartThings platform to new users.

smarthigns_windows_phoneFor the uninitiated, SmartThings’ mobile app connects with its $99 network hub to let you control stuff around the home like temperature, locks, lights, and more. The system also includes a number of sensors that allow users to monitor occupancy, movement, and environmental conditions in the house.

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Prior to the announcement of Windows Phone compatibility, many were worried that Samsung’s recent purchase of SmartThings would spell the end of support for different platforms, but luckily that isn’t the case. Samsung has stayed true to SmartThings’ vision to “create a totally open smart home platform that brings together third-party developers, device makers, and consumers.”

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