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Smarter Coffee brews your java with voice commands

Smarter Coffee

Eggs and bacon are delicious, but we all know coffee is the real hero of breakfast. The marriage of coffee and the tech industry has come a long way since the days when Keurig K-Cups were king; there are now ways to ensure you have the freshest coffee beans out there, plus a device that can brew your cold drink in five minutes. Next week, you can expect a product that gives you all your coffee needs in one place: Smarter Coffee.

The UK-based company has developed the second-generation Smarter Coffee, which connects to your smartphone via Wi-Fi. With the Smarter app, you can grind and brew coffee based on your preferences, including strength, temperature and quantity.

There’s no shortage of triggers you can set Smarter Coffee with that will brew your coffee without having to ask, including having a cup of joe ready when you wake up. It can link up with Philips Hue Lights so kitchen lights turn on when the coffee starts brewing, or connect with Nest Cam so the device brews coffee when someone walks into the kitchen at a certain time of day.

Smarter Coffee is also compatible with Google Home and Alexa, making it easy for you to ask the machine to brew coffee without your phone. You can also set it to Geo-fencing and Home Mode if you’d like it to make a cup after a workout, before work or any other time.

“We are excited to be in the position to expand our business into the U.S. market at this time. All the indicators show that consumers are ready to put technology to work to make their daily lives simpler and more convenient via connected appliances,” said Smarter CEO and founder Christian Lane.

Smarter Coffee will be available for $249.99 starting Monday, Oct. 2 at Best Buy, the company’s partner. The company also manufactures iKettle and FridgeCam.

Much like the Smarter Coffee, the iKettle allows you to boil your water from afar through your smartphone. The FridgeCam is a wireless camera that analyzes everything on your fridge and informs you of food that may be rotting.

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