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Experience the Aurora Borealis as it was meant to be seen — in a luxury treehouse cabin

Of the world’s extensive collection of mesmerizing natural wonders, the Northern Hemisphere’s aurora borealis is perhaps its crown jewel. While it’s certainly an utter spectacle in its own right, a luxury treehouse-themed hotel in Sweden — aptly named Treehotel — just opened an incredibly extravagant cabin with a front-row seat to the Northern Lights. Designed by the Norwegian architecture firm, Snohetta, this uber-exclusive treehouse sits just over 32 feet off the ground, providing guests with stunning views of the nearby Lapland forest, Lule River, and (of course) the aurora borealis.

An attraction which officially opened on January 20, Treehotel’s northern lights-friendly abode is about as modern as a treehouse can get. Outfitted with an abundance of floor-to-ceiling windows capable of letting natural light completely flush the residence, the architects also managed to make the small room feel much larger than it is by creating an open floor plan. Not only does this allow the room to avoid feeling claustrophobic, but its birch plywood walls and large windows almost make it feel as though guests are quite literally sleeping outside.

“With large, generous windows in all rooms, natural light is the primary source of light in the cabin,” Snohetta said via its website. “Snohetta has collaborated with long-established lighting company Ateljé Lyktan, designing two different custom lamps for the 7th room; a bed lamp mounted to the bedroom walls and a suspended light for the lounge area. The lamps are made from birch veneer, reflecting the light in a warm tone on the inside, while the outside is surface treated black, picking up on the contrasting characteristics of the cabin.”

Aside from its cozy bedrooms, the 7th room (as it’s referred to) also boasts a pseudo-patio which consists solely of a net visitors have the option of sitting on to enjoy the cabin’s surroundings in fresh air. Granted, this feature is something likely to be enjoyed only during warmer months but it’s a unique addition to an already remarkable room. Concerning its northern lights viewing specialty, the same floor-to-ceiling windows found around the cabin are also featured in the residence’s north-facing (of course) living room.

“A north-facing floor-to-ceiling window gives you the best chance to see the aurora borealis on a clear day, giving this social space the name the Northern Light Lounge,” the Snohetta site says.

As is the case with anything dubbed a luxury, each night at Treehotel’s 7th room runs for roughly $1,680 — i.e., a pretty penny. Considering guests would be hard pressed to find similar views of the aurora borealis anywhere else — along with a cabin as supremely breathtaking — the price tag seems trivial, as it relates to something that’s truly one of a kind.

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