Social media sites redesigned as sneakers are surprisingly fashionable

Facebook Sneakers

How dorky do you have to be to rock the Facebook, Twitter, Google, and other popular websites on your clothes to show your affinity for all things Internet? Apparently, not much at all. These sneaker designs by graphic artist Lumen Bigott prove being connected to the web can be rather fashionable.

The designs are featured on Ked sneakers and were promoted by the brand last year though no words were confirmed about the shoes going on sale. Bigott covered most popular sites such Twitter and its fail whale, Flickr and its pink and blue dots, YouTube and its video loading wheel, and more. Our personal favorite is the Facebook shoe with a deep blue canvas and the notifications icon popping along the aside. It’s subtle, iconic, and that shade of blue works with any pair of jeans.

Of course, since the designs came about some time last year, missing sites include Tumblr and Pinterest. Even the Google version was adapted from Google Buzz rather than Google+. Perhaps if we can get some momentum going for the social media Keds going again, the artist will include your other favorite websites and finally make put them in retail stores. The question still lies: Are you geeky enough for these sneakers?