Prefer beverages with bubbles? SodaStream’s Mix carbonates almost anything

sodastreams mix will carbonate alcohol sodastream

If you find water bland, you can always invigorate with a burst of bubbles. Can the same be said of whiskey? SodaStream wants you to find out. The company has relied on water for its success but now it’s developed the Mix, a device that will let you carbonate a wide variety of liquids, including alcohol.

Yves Behar’s Fuseproject designed the Mix, according to PSFK. The product has Internet connectivity and Bluetooth, which means that you’ll be able to give it instructions from your mobile device. Queue up a recipe on your phone in the living room, and your Mix will create the concoction in your kitchen in seconds. This also means the company can beam new recipes to your machine at regular intervals.

SodaSteream Mix TouchscreenMix is geared toward cocktail enthusiasts and professional mixologists alike. so don’t be surprised if you see one at your local bar in the future. Even the average homeowner might find it helpful while attempting to revive a flat bottle of soda.

Unlike other SodaStream models, this device is not prone to damage if you try to use it with wine or other unapproved liquids. Mix will have five different settings on its touchscreen, including alcohol, water, and juice. Initially, the product will debut at Milan’s Salone de Mobile, and it will become widely available in 2016. The price isn’t available yet, but we can’t imagine its versatility comes cheap.

Behar also designed a pop-up bar called the Alchemy Lounge to showcase all of the features of the Mix. “Beautifully crafted physically and digitally, the machine puts innovation in your hands, and lets you share your creations with the world,” Behar told DesignBoom.

Now, we wait and see how it all tastes.