Sofas with built-in speakers and iPod dock are getting really expensive

Trophy Cuddler Audio Sofa

Last month, we found a $1,600 sofa set with a built-in iPod dock, speakers, and Bluetooth connection. We remember calling it bizarre and over the top, and rather unnecessary due to its size and purpose. Now we’ve found another furniture seating with similar specs but in a much more modest size, but it’s going to cost almost as much.

Trophy Cuddler Audio Sofa dock close upAlso made in the United Kingdom, the Trophy Cuddler Audio Sofa comfortably fits two persons as you snuggle to your favorite tunes. The iPod dock is located at one end of the arm rest which displays the surround sounds where the speakers are outfitted. A built-in subwoofer is also snuck in at the bottom of the seat which will likely add a slight vibration to your cuddle sessions. Like all music docks, the device charges as you have your iPod plugged in and can support USB and Bluetooth connections, meaning non-iOS gadgets are compatible as well. You can also use your SD card if that’s where you store music.

The Trophy Cuddler Audio Sofa comes in your choice of seven color combinations and three foot colors. You can also request to speak to the manufacturer for a preferred shade not available on the site. Of course, the kicker is how much this thing costs. Right now, you can purchase this silly audio sofa at £699, or approximately $1,095, during the half-price sale. If you don’t purchase by July, however, the price skyrockets to double that amount, boosting the retail sticker to more than the entire set of the Sound Sofa. For that much money, wouldn’t you just buy a larger piece of furniture? Better yet, why not get a great regular sofa, and a separate audio system that doesn’t have to be built-in?

Of course, to each their own. If you love the idea of a iPod dock seater, get a move on buying one at half price before throwing out even more Benjamin’s. Either the Sound Sofa or the Trophy Cuddler Audio Sofa are still the best iPod docks you can sit on without breaking or hurting yourself.