Sound Sofa is a bizarre piece of furniture with a built-in iPod dock

Sound Sofa

These days, iPod docks are pretty affordable. Walk into any discount retailer and we assure you can get a decent dock for under $40. So why this large sectional sofa with a built-in iPod dock system wants to charge you approximately $1,600 per set is beyond us.

Okay, fair enough, the Sound Sofa is huge. The regular set looks like it can seat up to at least five, more if you’ve got kids bundling up for a music session in your living room. Sound Sofa gives you different sizing options that you can choose from, such as a sectional that is a loveseat plus a loner armchair, or two loveseats connected at the corner. It’s got 16 color options to help match the scheme into your home, though personally we’re not a fan of the corduroy look. It looks a bit like grandma’s sofas got hacked by her audiophile grandchildren.

You can dock your iOS device straight onto the Sound Sofa, or insert a USB-connected device and SD memory card. Like all iPod docks, it will also charge your device as it’s playing the tunes. The sofa is equipped with three speakers that boasts 2.1 stereo sound. Oh, you can connect to it via Bluetooth too if you want your laptops to get in on the action. The one thing the site doesn’t make clear, however, is how this thing is getting powered. Nothing is weirder than a sofa with a power cord sticking out of it for maximum flexibility.

Still, no matter what specs we can tell you about it, this whole thing feels counter-intuitive. Isn’t the sofa what you usually push out of the way when you start a dance party at home? You can’t do that when they’re the center piece or if they’re corded.

If you’re actually into this, no judgment. Sound Sofa is currently only available in the United Kingdom where you can buy it online, on the phone, or try it out in stores first to see what your butt thinks of the sound vibrations. Still, we give you our last plea. If you’re willing to drop that much money on a strange couch, why not spend less on a better looking one and just invest in a great surround sound system? This is why we have a guide to get even the least geeky person to understand the different variants of surround sound formats.

We’ll give the Sound Sofa this much credit though: It’s definitely the best iPod dock you can own that you can sit on without breaking. Just remember to not spill anything on it or you might be in for an electrifying experience — and not the good kind.

Watch the short television ad for Sound Sofa below.