Spare One cell phone runs off of a single AA battery and can last up to 15 years

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We’re all for the latest and greatest smartphones and the amazing technology that comes with them, but if you’re in some kind of emergency and all you have is your battery-eating 4G Android phone, it’s not going to last you very long. We’ve heard of lives being saved thanks to iPhone apps and the like, but having an emergency phone around that has a little bit better battery life seems like a good idea to us. That’s where Spare One ($50) comes in. 

Spare One is the first mobile phone to run off of a single AA battery, which as most of us know, is the most popular and easy to find battery in the world. The idea here is to have a simplified mobile phone with incredible battery life (up to 10 hours talk time and up to 15 years standby) so that families or individuals always have a phone on hand to make emergency calls. The small phone could be kept in a car, at home, or in a child’s backpack as a safety and security measure. We can imagine a million different uses for this simple gadget. It makes the most sense for emergencies, sure, but it could also come in handy if your car breaks down after your smartphone battery has died, if you want your child to be able to call you on something simple and easy to use, or if you are out adventuring (camping, hiking, etc.) and don’t want to risk bring your regular phone or having short battery life. 

spare one cell phone runs off of a single aa battery and can last up to 15 years spareone cellphone

The phone will make emergency calls without one, but for general use you’ll need to pick up a SIM card to keep in the Spare One phone. This allows some flexibility with the phone and SIM cards can be purchased from any GSM network carrier, like T-Mobile or AT&T here in the states. The phone’s design is just about as simple as it gets, but an emergency number can be programmed into the center button (hold for 2 seconds to call) and speed dial numbers can also be put in for emergencies. 

The price point is just right, too. For only $50 it doesn’t seem like such a bad idea to add one of these to your car emergency kit or home just in case you ever need it. You can pop a battery and a SIM card in and leave it unused for up to 15 years, and we think that makes for a pretty doable safety measure. You never know when you might need it. 

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