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Sparkel shines with its at-home sparkling beverage system, now on sale

Sparkel made waves when the company initially announced its sparkling beverage system earlier this year. It looked like it would be the SodaStream equivalent for people that preferred sparkling water to the plain ol’ flat stuff. In addition to making fizzy, healthy drinks, the Sparkel could also create cocktails and mimosas. The company planned to start shipping in August but faced a few unexpected delays.

Today, Sparkel announced that the company has begun shipping the sparkling beverage system commercially. The Sparkel is available as of November 19 for $100 on both Amazon and The beverage machine sits 15 inches high, 10 inches long, and 6 inches wide — about the size of a standard coffee machine. It fits comfortably on most any countertop and includes a dishwasher-safe bottle for easy cleaning, but the main draw of the Sparkel is the customization it offers users.

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Users can infuse drinks with their desired carbonation level, as well as a variety of different flavors. Any spice, herb, fruit, or vegetable can be used to create an infinite combination of carbonated drinks. Create your own strawberry sparkling water; zero-calorie, cayenne-pepper-infused juice cleanse; or a custom cocktail to die for. Sparkel offers an alternative to buying single-use cans at the store or breaking the bank buying sparkling water that routinely goes for $5 for a 12-pack of cans.

The other draw for Sparkel fans is the way it uses CO2. Rather than infusing the drinks from store-bought CO2 canisters that are difficult to store safely, Sparkel makes use of special “Sparkel Carbonator sachets” that naturally generate CO2 in the beverage. The sachets are a combination of granulated citric acid and sodium bicarbonate.

Sparkel offers five different carbonation levels. The base level will infuse drinks with refreshing, light bulbs in roughly 90 seconds, while the highest level will heavily carbonate drinks within just a few minutes. Sparkel says the highest carbonation level is ideal for thicker drinks like orange juice or tea.

Customers can sign up to have Sparkel Carbonators automatically shipped each month so you never have to worry about running out. With the holiday season on the way, the Sparkel makes a great gift for the health-conscious people in your life.