SpotCam's 24 hour continuous monitoring will make you praise the good F-word

Today’s cloud surveillance camera is itself only the first part of a security camera setup. The cloud service is equally important. Does the camera record continuously, or only when it senses motion? Will it cost you an arm and a leg for the subscription? SpotCam is the only cloud security cam that offers 24 hours of continuous recording for free.

The company just introduced its new camera, the SpotCam HD Eva. It has a mic and speaker so viewers can hear what’s going on and reply, but unlike other SpotCams so far, it can tilt 50 degrees up, 20 degrees down, and rotate a full 360. Add to that a 110-degree visual range plus night vision, and blind spots become a worry from yesteryear.

In a statement about the new camera, Jacky Lin, SpotCam CEO said, “Many security IP cameras can pan and tilt … SpotCam is excited to offer the only wireless pan/tilt camera designed for continuous cloud recording and, most importantly, for consumers.”

People just want to be able to put up a camera and start recording. SpotCam’s simple interface and camera design make that possible — it’s literally plug-and-play. Sign up on the website and add the new camera to your account. Connect the camera to a WiFi network. Then you’re in.

You don’t need a PC or Mac at all — not even for initial setup. Anyone using the SpotCam Android or iOS app can create and view a basic home security system. It will record nonstop and notify you when it detects motion. It’s ideal for situations where you need mobile monitoring.

There are other home video security monitors, though, as Lin said, “None boast this functionality in a user-friendly, cloud-ready package.” The system saves 24 continuous hours of 720p footage, for free; you know, the good “F” word. Other cameras, like the Netatmo, rely on algorithms and sensors to detect motion, and so only record once triggered.

Users can rewind and review the full footage at any time from a wide slew of devices, but after 24 hours, the footage will be erased unless you purchase a plan. The plans are among the most affordable in the growing home security market, as low as four bucks a month for three days of continuous recording, or $40 for the year. Dropcam or Nest by comparison offer continuous recording and motion detection, but the plans start at $10 a month.

The SpotCam HD Eva is $200, but is currently on sale on Amazon for $160. Considering that day-to-day recording is free, the SpotCam HD Eva offers immediate savings over other cloud security cam options. SpotCam Company also offers other models, the basic SpotCam HD, with no pan or tilt capabilities, and the SpotCam HD Pro, a waterproof version of the HD made for outdoor mounting.