Boldly go live in this Star Trek apartment for $110,050

Guess what? You can now live long and prosper in your very own Star Trek apartment. Well, flat, actually, because it’s in England. The whole thing is a replica of the Voyager spaceship. The one-bathroom studio is located in Hinkley, Leicestershire and is going for £70,000 (about $110,050).

Because it has to make room for all its unique décor, the apartment doesn’t really have too many amenities. You won’t find a food replicator or even a fridge or stove. You’ll have to beam up your meals or zap them in the microwave. Fond of sleeping? There’s a couch but no bed.

Why is the flat for sale? Well, the reason is rather terrible. The former interior designer who transformed the apartment back in 1995 was imprisoned for downloading child pornography in 2013. His ex-wife is selling the apartment, which she received in the divorce settlement. It was her husband’s decision to redo the space that actually prompted her to leave him, according to the Evening Standard.

“I have decided to put the property on the market in order to start fresh. I am now divorced and I estimate that it is time for me to put this flat and my ex-husband’s project behind me. I do not want to be reminded about my past and I am looking forward to turning to the next page in my life,” she said in a statement.

A spokesperson for Hope Estates, which is handling the sale, said it’s the strangest property she’s ever sold. “I expect we will only sell it to a Star Trek fanatic, a geek,” said Marine Barraud. “We do not want it turned in to a tourist attraction. It’s been unoccupied for one or two years; the owner just wants to start afresh. She is not a Star Trek fan.”

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