Steak Button Thermometers take guessing out of the equation

steak button thermometers take guessing out of the equation buttons gearpatrol

Cooking a steak to the perfect specifications of each person at your barbecue is no easy task. The skill comes more naturally to some than others, but for those who tend to over- or under-cook perfectly good pieces of meat, these little thermometers should make things easier. Made of stainless steel and glass, these Steak Button Thermometers ($20 for four) tell you exactly when to pull that steak off the grill for a medium-rare, medium-well, or well-done cook. With a big button and easy-to-read “Rare, Med, Well” indicators, these thermometers are practically idiot-proof. There’s no messing around with real numbers or temperatures here. While puncturing your steak would be an unnecessary sacrifice for a professional griller, to novices or eternal cooking screw-ups it’s a small price to pay for a juicy, perfectly cooked steak. The thermometers come in a set of four and work just as well in the oven as on the grill.