Stir just landed $1.5M to make the world’s most high-tech standing desk

stir just landed 1 5m make worlds high tech standing desk screen shot 2014 03 20 at 2 36 19 pm

Standing desks are all the rage right now — not just because they’re trendy and cool, but because they’re a really good idea. Over the past few years, there’s been a growing body of research that suggests sitting all day is really bad for you. Like, incredibly bad. Sitting for eight hours a day has been shown to cause lower back problems, slowed metabolism, increased risk of diabetes and heart disease, and myriad other health problems. Standing desks are the answer to that problem.

Stir Kinetic definitely isn’t the first entry into this category, but it’s easily the most high tech of the bunch. Fundamentally it’s the same product as the rest of the pack, and when you get down to it it’s really just an electronic variable-height desk. But what makes it different is the fact that its got a brain. Unlike other desks, Kinetic keeps track of your movement, activity, and overall health stats. Over time, it’ll learn your usage patterns and begin to encourage you to stand more throughout the day. It’s even outfitted with an integrated touch screen on the surface for easy access to the height controls.

Despite the fact that each one costs about $4,000, Stir has gathered quite a lot of attention for these desks. In addition to selling out of their first batch in just a couple weeks, the company just announced that is has raised $1.5 million in seed funding to help scale up production and expand operations. Stir is currently accepting pre-orders for it’s second production run, but there’s no word yet on when they’ll likely ship out.

You can find more info on Stir Kinetic here, but four grand is a bit too steep for you, we suggest you check out our guide to the best standing desks.