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Monoprice wants you to have a five-star kitchen with its new Strata Home line

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Having a five-star kitchen shouldn’t cost you five-star restaurant prices. After all, you’re cooking to save money, right? But don’t worry — even if your epicurean tastes lead you to sous vide cooking or baking all your bread from scratch, you won’t go broke delighting your senses. At least, not if your kitchen is furnished with appliances from Monoprice.

The ecommerce company is making its way to the small home appliance industry for the first time by way of the new Strata Home line. From vacuum food sealers to robotic vacuum cleaners, you’ll be able to find innovations in cleaning, cooking, and baking, at equally innovative (that is, low) prices.

“Technological advances continue to enhance daily life, making it easier for people to prepare great food, clean more thoroughly and efficiently, and — most importantly — save time,” said Bernard Luthi, CEO at Monoprice. “In our ongoing pursuit of category expansion, we realized many of the most innovative and best-in-class products in the home appliance space aren’t offered to consumers at an affordable price point. With our entry into this thriving market, we’ve made it our goal to bring consumers — from foodies to amateur chefs — the housewares they need to further their passions, without the expense of current small home appliances.”

For example, Monoprice’s Sous Vide Precision Cooker, which allows home chefs to cook like pros, will set you back just $70, considerably less than other sous vide cookers or immersion circulators. And the company’s robotic vacuum cleaners start at $80, which certainly gives, say, your Roomba a run for its money.

Other products already available include an $80 vacuum food sealer, a $70 all-in-one pot (which comes with pressure cooking, slow cooking, rice cooking, and steaming capabilities), a $50 portable induction cooktop, and a $50 bread machine.

So if you want to break into a new era of home cooking without breaking your bank, Monoprice and its new Start Home line may be the place to start.

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