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No room for a dishwasher? Streamline Hoods may have a solution for you

Streamline Hoods dishwasher sink
No space for a dishwasher? Think again.

Sure, your tiny little studio apartment may not have room for a traditional dishwasher, but with just a little creativity and innovation, you can fit an entirely different sort of washer in your kitchen. Meet the new dishwasher sink combination from Streamline Hoods. It’s a countertop dishwasher that promises just as much cleaning power as full-size models but requires less water and detergent, and it features a shorter cycle time. So if you have very little counter space to spare but plenty of dishes to do, this may just be the washer for you.

The top-mounted dishwasher-sink combination comes with an entire accessories package, including a draining basket, sealing tape, mounting clips, waste fittings, and an overflow plastic pipe. The sink that comes with it measures 35 ½ by 19 ¾ by 23 ¾ inches, and features a brushed stainless steel finish. As for the dishwasher, customers have the option of choosing between a 220v model or a 110v model.

It’s a clever design, with the dishwasher sitting immediately next to your sink, thereby minimizing water drips. Simply lift up the lid of the washer and load your flatware, utensils, and cups into the machine. With such an easy setup, you may never leave dirty dishes in the sink again — why would you when your dishwasher is literally in the same place?

“Streamline Hoods is committed to providing design and innovation along with the highest quality products for the kitchen, builder, remodeling, architectural, and design industries as well as educated consumers,” said company president Ramona Panus.

You might know Streamline Hoods for its imported European range hoods, but the company is expanding to address other needs in the kitchen. Despite launching just a few years ago in the U.S. (Streamline made its American debut in 2013), the company has already made quite the name for itself. “Our goal at Streamline Hoods is to provide outstanding unique products and customer service of the highest quality,” the firm asserts in a statement. And now, those products include not just range hoods, but dishwashers and sinks as well.

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