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Streem and Porch put AR to work on your next home improvement project

Home improvement projects can quickly become overwhelming. Streem‘s augmented reality-enhanced video communications platform now connects customers directly to Porch‘s network of home service professionals nationwide. The goal is greater convenience and efficiency for both homeowners and service providers.

In the last 12 months, Porch’s more than 250,000 professional members completed more than 2 million home improvement projects. The website features project cost calculators for a comprehensive list of home improvements and repairs. When you seek an estimate for a project directly on the Porch, the platform guides you through a series of relevant questionnaires before sending your project profile to area professionals who then contact you by text, phone, or email.

“Streem and Porch both aim to help homeowners connect with top home professionals and get projects done quickly,” said Porch CEO Matt Ehrlichman. “This partnership brings homeowners a whole new level of convenience and confidence, and provides our pros with unprecedented information to quote and prepare for the job.”

Streem‘s mobile communications platform uses a combination of augmented reality and machine learning to help home service pros diagnose problems or needs, prepare quotes, and provide customer support. Android smartphones require Google’s ARCore to run the app; iPhones use Apple’s ARKit.

After you download Streem to your iOS or Android smartphone, the app connects you with a Porch assistant. It uses the phone’s camera, microphone, and speaker to view the project remotely and guides you with AR tools such as a laser pointer and 3D arrows.

According to Streem, the app lets the Porch assistant capture project details quickly and accurately. It can capture images of brands, models, serial numbers, and measurements to share with Porch network service providers.

Using the information captured by the Porch assistant, the home service professional and the homeowner save the time and hassle of setting up appointments for contractors to visit the home to gather information to provide an estimate to complete the home improvement job.

“Our goal is for the Porch assistant and pro to have as much insight as if they were in the room with the homeowner, but without all the scheduling and transit hassles,” said Streem CEO and co-founder Ryan Fink. “Porch will use these insights to match customers with the right pro and ensure they have the correct crew, replacement parts, and materials to do the work as efficiently as possible.”

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