These ridiculously strong fridge magnets can hold nearly six pounds each

strong refrigerator magnets steroids can hold up to six pounds suprmags
Admit it: your refrigerator door is probably riddled with crappy magnets right now. You know the type — the ones that fly off the fridge every time you open the door too hard, and are so weak that they can barely hold up your kid’s awesome macaroni art. They’re pretty horrible, right?

Well, thankfully, Canada-based upstart Trintec Industries has figured out a way to get your magnets to stick the way they were intended to. The company’s latest product, SuperMags, are a totally different breed of fridge magnet. Unlike those bargain-basement ones you probably got as a cheap souvenir, these badboys are capable of holding up to 16 sheets of ordinary office paper, and carrying a weight of exactly 5.7 pounds each. That’s pretty beefy for a fridge magnet.

In terms of design, SuperMags were inspired by traditional map pins, but are about double the size. They aren’t too bad to look at either, so don’t worry about something so strong being a bit of an eyesore.

supermagsSix pounds of hold strength might seem like overkill, but it basically opens up a world of possibilities on your fridge door. Instead of stacking four magnets on one sheet of paper to get it to stick, you can just use one magnet to hang an entire folder full of paper, or even that stack of bills you’ve been neglecting. They’re so strong that they could potentially even be used for things like tool organization, since they’re burly enough to hang onto wrenches, pliers, or kitchen tools.

Don’t worry about them breaking either. SuperMags are machined from either brass or aluminum, so they’re sturdy enough to last as long as you need them to. If you opt for the brass variety, they’ll even develop a natural patina over time (that awesome tarnished vintage look that some metals get).

Trintec started a Kickstarter campaign for SuperMags, looking to raise only a little over $2,000 — but with 28 days left, SuperMags has already doubled its necessary funding goal. I guess heavy-duty magnets are really in demand.

If you want to get your hands on some SuperMags of your own, all you have to do is pledge about $14, and you won’t even have to pay for shipping. Since project funding is looking pretty good, the company expects to begin shipping within 60 days of its Kickstarter campaign end.

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