Subtexter app will call you out on those Instagrammed sunsets

subtexter app will call you out on those instagrammed sunsets categories

There’s a reason we post anything and everything on Facebook and Instagram and Twitter. If Likes and comments and retweets aren’t admittedly your ego boosts, you, my friend, are a liar.

subtexter app will call you out on those instagrammed sunsets conditionsThis exact logic is precisely why we love Newcastle Brown Ale’s Subtexter app. The free Facebook app lets you select a category of photo before uploading and rotate a series to captions to slap onto the pictures. The categories pretty much cover any kind of picture you’d ever post: Friends, dogs, food, sunsets, vacations, plane wings, mirror pics, and more. For some strange reason, Subtexter asks that you not upload photos of people under the age of 25 or people driving, but we can’t tell if that’s a joke since other conditions seem legitimate (no brands, no animal harm, no excessive drinking pics).

In following those tiny conditions, you are just seconds away from a photo with a meme-esque caption slapped across it. These witty, silly captions expose the truth behind why you uploaded that cocktail photo, such as “I’ll like this drink a lot more if everyone else ‘likes’ it too.” If the caption doesn’t quite work, you can also regenerate new ones until you find the perfect subtext.

subtexter app will call you out on those instagrammed sunsets nattjeff

There are currently only a handful of captions per category, but the app works seamlessly. The only downside, of course, is it will ask for permission to auto-post the photo on your Timeline or the app won’t work … but trust us, these photos are worth spamming your friends’ feeds for. After you generate a photo, you can also grab a direct link to share with friends who are not on Facebook. This is all pretty reminiscent of College Humor’s “Look at this Instagram,” and we’re glad people are getting real about Instagram clichés. Now how’s that for comments and Likes?