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This Game of Thrones toilet is fit for the Lord of the Seven Kingdoms

If you head to Complex, a nightclub in Glendale, California, there might be some Game of Thrones-themed Three-Eyed Raven beer on tap, and there will definitely be an Iron Throne in the bathroom. That’s because bar owner John Giovanazzi received the custom-made toilet courtesy of Super-Fan Builds.

The YouTube show features Hollywood prop makers who build amazing paraphernalia for all sorts of fans of comics, TV shows, video games, and more. In the latest episode, the team from Tim Baker Creations got to work on a throne fit for a drunken king. There were a few things they needed to take into consideration, mostly having to do with the toilet’s location in a bar.

Since even a novice swordfighter like Arya Stark knows you stick ‘em with the pointy end, Baker decided to keep the sharper swords away from any sensitive anatomy. Also, because intoxicated patrons would be among those using the commode, Baker used marine-grade resin to coat the plywood and plastic swords and base. “If it can protect against the ocean seawater, I think you’ll be safe with whatever else happens in here,” he told the bar owner. The throne boasts over 200 swords, sculpted to look like individual weapons fused together with dragon fire. There’s even a toilet paper holder.

This isn’t the first toilet that’s appeared on Super-Fan Builds. In Season 1, Baker made a “Hobbit Hole” litter box for a couple of cats (who happened to be named Sam and Frodo), complete with a Tower of Sauron scratching post.

The show isn’t just for fancy toilets, though. The show’s prop makers have also created a Batmobile baby stroller, a Groot swing set, and a BioShock fish tank. Please tell us where we can sign up to get a Harry Potter flying car.

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