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LoTR Litter: Two cats are the proud owners of a Hobbit-hole poop box

YouTube channel AWE me has a new show called Super Fan Builds. It’s sort of like Pimp My Ride, but not necessarily with cars and swapping swagginess for geekiness. In the show, Hollywood prop designers, which has to be one of the coolest jobs ever, build stuff for — wait for it — super fans. Their first episode was dedicated to creating a Groot swing for a Guardians of the Galaxy Fan. Pretty sweet. In this week’s episode, Tim Baker and his team made a “Hobbit Hole” litter box and Tower of Sauron scratching post for Misha Pollack’s cats Frodo and Sam. Precious! And perfect timing, because the third and final installment of The Hobbit premieres December 17.

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