Foodies, rejoice! Evernote Food 2.0 now caters to amateur critics and cooks

evernote food

Evernote Food has released a new update that’s full features to aid you in your quest to become master critic of restaurants around the globe.

Evernote Food’s first iOS app allowed users capture the afterthoughts of a meal in a section called “My Meals,” but at the time that was the only feature available on the app. What Evernote says was sorely missing from the app was “inspiration,” or a way to help users find and try out new recipes for themselves or find a new restaurant. Thus, Evernote has overhauled its iOS app, which starting today includes the introduction of Evernote Food’s first iPad app.

Evernote is calling the update Evernote Food 2.0, and with new features like saving recipes, discovering new restaurants, and adding extra metadata to the places you eat at.

We got an early look at the new Evernote Food, and off the bat you’ll be glad to know that its iPhone app takes after Evernote’s own native app. The file-like tab interface that was heralded with the redesigned Evernote redesign last month undoubtedly inspired Evernote Food’s design, which makes for an app that’s a cinche to navigate.

There are four different tabs now – three more have been added since Evernote Food 1.0:

My Meals

my meals

Originally My Meals was the lone core feature that Evernote Food 1.0 sported since its inception last year. This tab has been given a face lift to make way for cleaner and crisper navigation. Everything from Evernote Food 1.0 remains in 2.0. You can add the location of the restaurant, take pictures, and add tags and notes. The update however takes the features a step further: Any data that you add to capture the memory of your meal will be used to later to help you find other types of similar meals that you’ve eaten in the past. So if you open up a meal that you’ve eaten, you’ll see a section titled, “Related Notes,” which uses“relatedness” criteria including cuisine, ingredients, titles, and other data.


evernote restaurants tab

Foursquare isn’t the only one in the mobile restaurant discovery sector. Albeit a very stripped down version of a venue discovery feature, the “Restaurants” tab helps its users to find new types of restaurants based on certain keywords and the location, much like what Foursquare used to look like when it just started pivoting to becoming a social venue discovery app. Evernote Food users can save restaurants, which can be used as a restaurant-to-do list, or view your history of the places where you’ve already eaten and recorded on Evernote Food.

My Cookbook

evernote my cookbook

Half of Evernote Food is catered toward the critics and eaters, while the other half best suits the amateur (or professional) chefs among us. Starting with “My Cookbook,” you’ll find all of the recipes that you’ve saved using Evernote’s Web Clipper and Evernote Food. Evernote wants this section to be your all-in-one virtual cookbook companion, and everything you need to help make that happen really is in this tab. A neat feature about Evernote Food in My Cookbook is the app’s ability to distinguish recipe from all other types of notes that you have saved on Evernote’s native and desktop app. So if you’ve got your work notes, to-do-list, and other types of documents stashed together with recipes, Evernote Food will be able to recognize the recipes automatically and store it in the Cookbook section. And if you’re looking to hop on over to the grocery store, you’ll be glad to know that the app automatically syncs everything you’ve saved so you can grab your iPhone and shop for the necessary ingredients.

Explore Recipes

explore recipes

The final section is Explore Recipes, which can be used to search and discover new recipes published by bloggers from around the Web. If you click on a recipe here, you’ll be directed to the corresponding blog’s website. Users can “clip” their favorite recipes from here and save them to their Cookbook for later perusal.

Evernote is building a one-app-fits-all mobile toolkit that will undoubtedly please foodies. 

For the tablet users among us, you can check out a video of Evernote Food’s new iPad app in action below: