SXSW startup quick look: What these four young companies are doing and where they’re going

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trapitBorn from the same seed as Siri, was nominated for SXSW Accelerators’s Most Innovative Web Startup. Founders Hank Nothhaft, Jr. and Gary Griffiths also took some time to clue me in on what’s going on with the content aggregation engine.

At the moment, is simply searching and finding content for its users, a process the founders tell me is very personalized. “All of our content comes from the original source and we don’t fill with SEO or spam stories,” says Nothhaft. Eventually,’s editors will be contributing exclusive content that will also fill the site.

We also got a sneak peek at the upcoming iPad app, which is similar to the site but condenses content so that users can get bite-sized information and visuals faster, scrolling between stories within one individual trap icon. After the iPad app is released, the iPhone then Android apps will be released.

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