Symbol Modern Record Console: The perfect musical midpoint between contemporary and retro

Symbol Modern Record Console in black

There’s something about the allure of classic vinyl records that encapsulates the history of music. Even new music comes in vinyl editions nowadays to cater to those with working record players or hip kids who like to keep a collection. But just because you’ve embraced updated technology with digital music doesn’t mean you can’t have both. The Symbol Modern Record Console combines the past with the present, and looks nothing short of beautiful.

Symbol Modern Record Console Close upIt’s always neat to find technology that is modern yet retro at the same time. Made with American Walnut wood body, the system holds together two 6.5-inch full-range speakers and a second, hidden amplifier and subwoofer. The machine has a built-in turntable for your records and mixing capabilities, as well as Wi-Fi to stream music from your wireless device. Even if you don’t own too many vinyls, your iPod or laptop can still get the party started around this 50s-style music machine. Sure, it might mean the kids can get in on the fun by blasting their favorite teeny bopper music but that’s up to you to decide if only the adults get to enjoy such a classy console.

The system originates from designers Blake Tovin and Matt Richmond, both of whom are based in Hudson Valley, New York. Each console is made-to-order with your choice of white, gray, or black speaker front finishes, so pricing is only available upon request. Our guesstimate is that it won’t go for any less than a couple grands.

“It’s truly the best of both worlds all designed seamlessly into a bespoke piece of fine furniture,” the official Symbol Modern Record Console product page reads. We can hardly disagree.