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Self-assembly furniture kit lets you build chairs and even giant toys

In a world where grown men and women still unashamedly play with Lego blocks, it makes perfect sense that sooner or later we’d want to start building our own furniture using the same kind of easy toy-like construction kits.

That’s where a new Kickstarter campaign, called Spyntex, comes into play. A versatile self-assembly product composed of interlocking bars, Spyntex can be assembled into user-designed objects ranging from stylish pieces of furniture to giant toys.

Spyntex’s bars come in nine different colors, and can be formed either into straight or curved surfaces. As with Lego, it’s deceptively simple — but opens up a wide range of possible creations. Cleverly, it also comes with a mobile app that lets users create designs in the virtual world before making them a reality.

“The app’s great because it lets you express your creativity, but also test your creations,” Raimonda Klimasauskaite, one of Spyntex’s production team managers, told Digital Trends. “This is an important part of the process because, for most of us, we’ve only ever bought things which have already been created. From our app you can create any object you want, and also test it with a crash test dummy which lets you check that it can hold a certain amount of weight. You learn the ergonomical part of design, and get to test whether something will work in reality. Then you can build it yourself.”

That’s not all the app does, either. “You can also share designs with the community, and then see them ranked according to how often they are used,” Klimasauskaite continued. “If you manage to create something completely new, it will be named after you — so you become considered a designer yourself.”

Spyntex sets are currently available for pre-order. A kid-sized set starts at $105, while an adult-sized set begins at $242. Shipping is set to take place next November.

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