Taiwanese LED tower to serve as urban oasis

Winner of the Taiwan Tower International Competition for Taichung City, the ‘21st Century Oasis’by Japanese firm Sou Fujimoto Architects is an ultra modern and ambitious high rise tower that looks set to become a symbolic landmark in the Taiwanese city.

The high-rise, which is also a collaborative effort with Taiwanese firm Fei & Cheng Associates, derives its inspiration from the trunk of the Taiwanese banyan tree. The design is particularly free-flowing, with intricate framework lending the tower a thin and stilt-like appearance. The top of the building will feature an exquisite urban oasis — a green rooftop that floats 300 meters above the city and provide a much-needed respite from the harsh urban area surrounding it.

The towering structure will serve a multitude of purposes, it will house both museum and exhibition spaces, as well as reintroduce nature into the urban fabric of the city, while also becoming a symbolic landmark. Visitors will be able to ascend the tower via elevators placed at triangulated base of the building, and experience the breathtaking view of the surrounding city at the tower’s summit.

Even those not in or on the tower will be able to take in its stunning visuals. The facades that comprise the tower will contain LED lights which can change in color and intensity, so onlookers near and far will experience a visual feast of nighttime illumination.