Take off and land comfortably with the DC-10 Cowling bed

The idea of sleeping on an airplane may cause initial thoughts of discomfort, and why shouldn’t it? With the brat behind you kicking and crying, the portly gentlemen spilling over into your overpriced aisle seat, your throbbing neck pain, and legroom that would make one of Santa’s elves complain — you’re more likely to catch a cold than some well earned Z’s while flying the not-so-friendly (or comfortable) skies.

However, if you’re a lover of aircrafts or are simply looking for a unique sleeping experience then why not cast that all aside and depart for slumber town on the DC-10 Cowling bed. Designed by Moto Art who is known for its high quality furniture pieces made up of vintage aircraft, the DC-10 Cowling bed, in keeping with the company’s style, was created out of a 380-passenger McDonnell Douglas DC-10.

Since the bed is quite wide, with a diameter of 105-inches, it comes divided into two sections in order to squeeze between standard doorways. You can customize your DC-10 Cowling Bed with different exterior finishes of mirror polish, stain, or paint, and the bed comes equipped with glowing LED lights adding ambience and flavor to the aviation vibe.

Your wallet may hit some turbulence at the $22,500 price tag, but for about the equivalent price of a handful of first-class tickets – it just might be worth it.