Take your anger out of doing chores via the Manual Trash Compactor

manual trash compactor

Up there with cleaning the toilet, washing the dishes, and doing laundry, taking out the trash is one of the most commonly disliked chores. So if you want to cut the number of times you need to drag the bag to the curb in half, why not look into this manual Trash Compactor? The stainless steel trash can lets you punch your waste into oblivion, while doubling the space in the bin. This way, you don’t have to take the trash out as often, and you can save on plastic bag replacements.

manual trash compresserThe idea of putting your hands onto a garbage can might seem a bit gross, but the design promises to keep your hands clean from the mess. All the user has to do is grab the middle handle and press down to crush trash down to the bottom. Most people do this with boxes or use their feet to step down, but if you don’t want to climb garbage cans just to compress waste, this is an alternative option. Besides, the fingerprint-resistant steel adds a classy touch for those who don’t have built-in garbage disposals in the sink.

The Stainless Steel Manual Trash Compactor holds up to 10 gallons of waste and has a hidden slot to seamlessly hide the edge of trash bags. A foot pedal also allow users to slowly open and close the lid, while rubberized ends help keep the smell in the can.

With twice the capacity, just remember that your trash bags will be double the weight by the time it is full. We’d recommend using heavy-duty bags with this product; That’s what you get for taking out the trash less often, so decide before you buy which factor is more of an inconvenience. The Stainless Steel Manual Trash Compactor is available today for $200.